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The well-known American orator, Henry Clay, had little time for the pompous and prolix members of the Senate who insisted on droning on for hours, punctuating their speeches with erudite references and rhetoric. He complained to the Speaker on one occasion when the worst of these offenders was on his feet.

'You, sir, speak for the present generation,' said the aggrieved man. 'But I speak for posterity.'

'Yes,' said Clay, 'and you seem resolved to speak until the arrival of your audience.'

Her vocabulary may not amount to much but it certainly has a fast turnover.

On Ramsay Macdonald:

'We know that he has, more than any other man, the gift of compressing the largest amount of words into the smallest amount of thought.' Sir Winston Churchill

She doesn't just hold a conversation, she strangles it.

After listening to a barrister speaking non-stop all day. Lord Ellenborough was asked by the man when it would be:

'. . . the court's pleasure to hear the rest of the argument?'

'We are bound to hear you, sir,' Ellenborough told him, 'we shall do so on Friday; but pleasure has long been out of the question.'

The only thing you can say about her is that she adores wordy causes.

On Thomas Carlyle:

'He has occasional flashes of silence that make his conversation perfectly delightful.' Sydney Smith

In her case the wages of sin will be laryngitis.

As he and the Lord Mayor of Oxford were leaving the cathedral, Dr. Parr asked his host how he had enjoyed the sermon that he had just preached.

'Why, Doctor, there were four things in it that I did not like,'the Lord Mayor told him.

'State them,' said Parr.

'Why, to speak frankly, then, they were the quarters of the church-clock, which struck four times before you had finished.'

She's never had much luck in keeping boyfriends. Every time she sets her trap for a man she forgets to shut it.

On Tallulah Bankhead:

'I've just spent an hour talking to Tallulah for a few min utes.' Fred Keating

The only thing that deprives her of the final word is an echo.

Told by a fellow guest that their hostess was outspoken, Dorothy Parker replied:

'Outspoken? By whom?'

The only thing his conversation needs is a little lockjaw.

When Samuel Rogers was told that Charles Knight, the famous nineteenth-century writer and infamous talker, was starting to lose his hearing, he remarked:

'It's from lack of practice.'

If it's really true that exercise gets rid of fat, I can't understand why she's got that double chin.

To the defending council whose summing up lasted for hours, the judge said:

'Your speech has exhausted time and encroached upon eternity.'


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