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Two cardinals visited Raphael while he was working on one of his celebrated frescoes and to his intense annoyance started to criticize his work without any apparent understanding of what he was trying to do.

'He blushes to see into whose hands the Church has fallen,' answered Raphael, getting back to his work.

If she holds her nose any higher she'll develop a double chin at the back of her neck.

On the crowds at the funeral of Hollywood mogul, Harry Cohn:

'It proves what they always say: give the public what they want to see and they'll come out for it.'

Give that man an inch and he'll measure it.

When he heard that he had been awarded a Gold Medal, second class, at an international art exhibition in Germany, Whistler wrote in reply:

'Pray convey my sentiments of tempered and re-

spectable joy to the gentlemen of the Committee, and my complete appreciation of the second-hand compliment paid me.'

We're having a trial marriage and trial is the word.

On the poet, Alexander Pope:

'Some called Pope little Nightingale all sound and no sense.' Lady Mary Wortley Montague

She makes it a rule never to repeat gossip there's no need to, she always starts it.

'What are you about Mr. Lamb?' a senior member of his department asked Charles Lamb one day. 'About forty,' Lamb answered. 'I like not your answer,' the senior told him. 'Nor I your question,' retorted Lamb.

It would not do him any harm to see himself as others see him. I don't suppose he'd believe it though.

Richard Brinsley Sheridan was staying at a country house with a party of other guests that included one very sour spinster. This lady asked Sheridan to join her for a walk in the gardens after lunch one day, but Sheridan cried off saying that it was going to rain. Some time later he sneaked out alone only to run into the lady walking by herself.

'So, Mr. Sheridan, it has cleared up,' she said accusingly.

'It has cleared up enough for one, madam, but hardly enough for two,' was his excuse.

Life's what you make it, I always say that's until he arrives and makes it worse.

On Lord Macaulay:

'At bottom this Macaulay is but a poor creature with his dictionary literature and erudition, his saloon arrogance. He has no vision in him. He will neither see nor do any great thing, but be a poor Holland House unbeliever, with spectacles instead of eyes, to the end of him.' Thomas Carlyle.


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