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Insults and Put-downs for everyday use - Heckler Put-downs

Heckler Put-downs
I'll Ignore You
Intelligence ?
Pickup Put-downs

I'll let you off. I remember the first time I tried beer.

You're quite cute. What can I get for a twenty?

The anonymous alcoholic, ladies and gentlemen!

I'm impressed; I've never met such a small mind inside such a big head before

Congratulations; you're a perfect argument against brother-sister marriages.

That can't be your face. Did your neck throw up?

Ick. What a disgusting slob. Somebody call security; we've been invades by killer slugs.

Hey, I didn't know you could get epilepsy without a brain.

You've heard about the good time had by all, ladies and gentlemen - and here she is.

You know, your mother is really good in bed - but I guess you found that out for yourself already.

This may look easy to you, but I assure you your mother is even easier.

When you were born, did they let your mother out of her cell?

I heard your mother had an abortion, and now I see it's true.

I went to the ice cream parlour round the corner, and the special of the day was your mother. 1 had three scoops, in a cone.

That's a low blow - and talking of low blows, how's your mother?

Tell me, how many Peeping Toms has your mother cured?

What's wrong, don't you get any attention back home?

Look folks - a face not even a mother could love.

Now we know why some animals eat their own children.

What do you want to do if you grow up?

I have a child's soul - in a special jar back home.

I bet you get bullied a lot.

Say, you're really special, aren't you.

Look, this is my job. I don't turn up at your work and spit on the burgers.

Let me guess - tonight's square dance was cancelled, right?

Excuse me, I'm trying to work here. How would you like it if I started yelling down the alley while you're giving blow jobs to transsexuals?

Where are you from? I'm sorry? No, I heard OK I just pity you.


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