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His elevator doesn't reach the top floor

He checked out of Hotel Brainy years ago

She's a result shot of a classified round up

She's one tit short of an udder

If he was any more stupid he would photosynthesise in sunlight

He's ten pence short of a pound

She's a dolly mixture short of a quarter

Thicker than a donkey's dangler

She's a pork pie short of a picnic

He's got a rip in his marbles bag

She's got a tile loose

She hasn't got both hands on the steering wheel

When you look in his eyes you can see that there is no one driving

She's stepped off of the pavement

Lights on, door open, no one at home

Trying to explain something to him is like trying to give a fish a bath

He'll be doing joined up writing next

He's wired up to the moon

She's like the Venus de Milo, very pretty but not all there

He doesn't know the meaning of the word fear, in fact, he doesn't know the meaning of a lot of words

He's one putt short of a par

If she went to a mind reader they wouldn't bother chargin


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