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Graves & Epitaphs

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Bright ran thy line, O Galloway
Through many a far famed sire
So ran the far famed Roman Way
So ended in a mire

On Lord Galloway

O reader behold the philospoher's grave
He was born quite a fool but dies quite a knave

On Sir Joshua Reynolds

Here lies a little ugly nauseous elf
Who judging only from it's wretched self
Feebly attempted, petulant and vain
The "Origin of Evil" to explain

On Soame Jenyns

Here lies that peerless paper peer Lord Peter
Who broke the laws of God and man and metre

On Patrick Lord Robertson

Poor GKC his day is past
Now God will know the truth at last

On GK Chesterton

Nature and Nature's law, lay hid in night
God said, Let Newton be, and all was light

Alexander Pope

I laid my wife
Beneath this stone
For her repose
And for my own




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