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How to be Insulting about Film Stars

On Errol Flynn:

'Any picture in which Errol Flynn is the best actor is it's own worst enemy.' Ernest Hemingway

On Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers:

'He gives her class and she gives him sex.' Katharine Hepburn

When Noel Coward was asked if it was true that the apartment he rented had previously been decorated in the style of the Early Renaissance, by the silent screen star, Mae Murray, he answered:

'No, Early Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.'

On the cowboy star, Tom Mix:

'They say that he rides like part of a horse, but they don't say which part.' Robert Sherwood

In the days when Hollywood casting directors seemed to be finding most of their young male stars walking along streets or selling petrol in filling-stations, one of the older hands, Humphrey Bogart, had this to say:

'Shout "gas" around the studios today, and half the young male stars will come running.'

On Elizabeth Taylor's performance as Katherine, in The Taming of the Shrew:

'Just how garish her commonplace accent, squeakily shrill voice, and the childish petulance with which she delivers her lines are, my pen is neither scratchy nor leaky enough to convey.' John Simon.


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