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How to be Insulting at an Interview

When he was a young reporter, the journalist, Heywood Broun, was sent to interview a very stuffy member of Congress on a very controversial subject.

'I have nothing to say, young man,' said the Congressman haughtily.

'I know,' said Broun, 'now shall we get on with the interview.'

During his university interview the young Oscar Wilde was asked to translate an unseen passage from the Greek New Testament. The passage the interviewers gave to him described Christ's Passion on the cross. The candidate had no difficulty in translating the text and after he had worked his way through several verses the interviewers told him that he could stop. However, he carried on translating until they had to ask him to stop a second time.

'Oh. please let me carry on.' he said, 'I want to see how it finishes.'


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