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He can't play
Quick putdowns
Trouble & strife
What a face

You remind me of a builders bottom
Full of bare faced cheek

Did she really call you a creep
Yes, she said I was lower than the fluff in an earthworms belly button

How do you your Grandad is so old
He can whistle and clean his teeth at the same time

Do you know we could get a fur for you
As fur as possible

Can you cure my fleas
Maybe, what's wrong with them ?

What smells worse than a bad egg
You do

Do you like my cottage pie ?
Umm, next time try taking the drains out first

Why are you bathing in such dirty water
It wasn't dirty when I got in

Why do you smell funny
It's soap, I don't suppose you've smelt it before

This food isn't fit for a pig
I'll get some for you that is then

Did you say she had a sharp tongue
Well let just say we don't use a knife to carve the sunday roast


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