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He can't play
Quick putdowns
Trouble & strife
What a face

I think a lot of people would go to his funeral.
Yes, to really make sure he was dead

He has an answer for everything
Yes, the wrong one

He's a boon to the whole area
Mmm, more like a baboon

People like that don't grow on trees you know
How true, they normally swing under them

Did you hear that he was buried face down
So he could see where he was going

His death won't be listed under "Obituaries"
More like "Neighborhood Improvements"

I hear she is a business woman
Yes, her nose is always in other peoples business

Why do they call him "Catarpillar"
He has got where he has by crawling

Why do they call him "rope"
Because he's always stringing people along

They do say he's very courteous
Like he apologises after he's kicked you



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