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He can't play

He can't play
Quick putdowns
Trouble & strife
What a face

Coach, how would you have played that last shot ?
In disguise

What position do you play in the football team
I'm not sure, though the coach calls me one of the drawbacks

I hear the teams prospects are looking up
I hadn't heard that you were leaving ?

Why didn't you stop the ball ?
Isn't that what the net is for ?

Why do you call your new player Cinderella ?
Because he keeps running away from the ball

Why do you call that boxer Van Gogh
Because he spends most of the time on the canvas

How do I stand for a team trial
Well you don't stand, you grovel

I've never played so badly
You mean you've actually played before ?

My doctor says I should give up football
So he's seen you play too then

I love golf, I could play like this forever
Don't you want to improve ?


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