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Quick putdowns

He can't play
Quick putdowns
Trouble & strife
What a face

How many people work in your office ?
About half of them

Will this train take me to London
Which part ?
Well all of me of course !

Do you like me ?
Well as girls go, you're fine, and the sooner you go the better

Every time I walk past a girl she sighs
Yes, with relief

My boyfriend whispers that he loves me
Well it's not the sort of thing that he'd admit out aloud now would he ?

Whenever I go to the store, they shake my hand
I expect it's to make sure you don't put it in his till

Is that a new perfume I smell
It is, and you do

You'll just have to give me credit
Well I certainly won't be giving you cash

I take lots of exercise
I thought so. That's why your so long winded

Why have you given me this long piece of rope
Well they say that if you give someone enough rope they'll hang themselves !

My brother wants to work badly
Yes, as I recall, he usually does.



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