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Set ups

He can't play
Quick putdowns
Trouble & strife
What a face

What's the difference between a wild camel and a bully
One is a big, smelly, bad tempered beast and the other is an animal

Your ugly
And your quite good looking, for a gorilla that is

You remind me of a toenail
The sooner you get cut down to size the better

You remind me of a calendar
Your days are numbered

I've heard you the big noise around here
Might I suggest you cut back on the baked beans

Go and squirt lemon juice in your eyes
It's the only way we'll make you smart

Your like an oil well
Always boring

Go and sit down
Nobody can stand you

Do you know what nice people do at the weekend?
I didn't think you would.

You' make a good exchange student.
Do you think so?
Yes we might be able to exchange you for someone nice.

You remind me of a camel.
You give me the hump.



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