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I'm not saying he's dim but...

He can't play
Quick putdowns
Trouble & strife
What a face

I've changed my mind
Great, does the new one work any better ?

Did you hear about the man who was so stupid that when he picked his nose he tore the lining of his cap ?

How do you make a stupid person laugh on a Thursday ?
Tell him a joke on Monday

How dare you tell everyone I'm stupid
I'm sorry, I didn't realise it was a secret

How can you kill an stupid person with a coin
Throw it under an oncoming lorry

I love biscuits
That's because your crackers

What's red and really stupid ?
A blood clot

How long can someone live without a brain
Hoe old are you ?

How did you burn your ear, you wern't ironing when the phone rang again were you ?

Why did the stupid person plant coins in his garden ?
He wanted to raise some hard cash

I don't like soup
I expect you can't get it to stay on the fork can you.



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