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Wacky insults for kids (and not so kids !)

Brain Power
Four Eyes
Good Riddance
Insults about Feet
Insults about Food
Insults about Relatives
Insults about Smells
Insults for home
Insults for school
Insults for stupid kids
Is that your face ?
Nose and Ear insults
Old people insults
That reminds me
Ugly people insults
Use your head
What a weakling...
What's an IQ ?
When they gave...
You're how fat?

Hey, four eyes...

What's up half head ?

We all know your only calling me that because it's as high as you can count

Lets not start counting body parts, you'll lose.

You should wear glasses, then you could see the faces people pull when they see you coming

It would kill you to wear glasses. One day you'd look in the mirror and you would die laughing

What is it six teeth ?


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