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Wacky insults for kids (and not so kids !)

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Insults about Relatives

Your sister is so wide when she went missing they put her picture on a milk truck.

Your brother is so thick he sits on the TV and watches the couch.

Your sister is so fat her Levi's don't say 501, they say 747.

Your brother is so stupid he sold his car to get gas money.

Your mothers lips are so big she applies lipstick with a spray gun.

Your so stupid you'd wet yourself in a bathroom.

Your dog is so dumb he chases parked cars.

Your uncle is so thick he got stabbed in a gun fight.

Your father is so slow he can't even catch his breath.

Your mother is so dumb she put her watch in a bank to save time.

Your sister is so feeble the only thing she does fast is fall asleep.

Your dog is so dumb he couldn't find a bone in a butchers.

Your brother is so dumb, when the movie said "No one under 13 allowed" he went home and got 12 of his friends.

Your father is so lazy they thought he was in a coma.

Your aunt is so fat she's on both sides of the family.

Your grandfather is so bald, dragonflies use him as a runway.

Your dog is so slow he brings in yesterdays newspaper.

Your aunt is so fat she asked for a waterbed and they just threw a blanket over a lake.


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