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Insults about Ugly People

Your sister is so ugly, when she was born they put tinted windows on the incubator.

Your sister's hairstyle is so ugly my cat has coughed up better looking ones.

Your girlfriend is so ugly she went to a dog show. And won.

Your so ugly that they made you the ice hockey goalie so you'd have to wear a mask.

Your so ugly the only dates you get are on a calendar.

Your so ugly that if you threw a boomerang it wouldn't come back.

Your clothes are so bad even a scarecrow wouldn't wear them.

Your mother is so ugly her tears run down the back of her head so they won't have to see her face.

Your girlfriend is so ugly even the garbage collectors won't pick her up.

Your so ugly, you shouldn't play hide and seek, no one would look for you.

Your so ugly they call you the exterminator, because you kill bugs on sight.

Your father is so ugly he fell into the Amazon and scared off the piranhas.


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