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Wacky insults for kids (and not so kids !)

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Insults for home

Your family is so poor a rat tripped you and a cockroach stole your wallet.

Your house is so cheap, when you ring the doorbell the toilet flushes.

Your grandmother's such a bad chef even the maggots won't touch her cooking.

Your family is so poor, when you stepped on a cigarette your mum asked "Who turned off the heat?"

Your house is so small the front door mat only says W-E-L

Your house is so small the front and back doors are on the same hinge.

Your family is so poor, when you asked what was for dinner your mother held up her feet and said "corns"

Your family is so poor, when someone rings the door bell your mum sticks her head out of the window and goes "Ding, Dong"

Your family is so poor the family vehicle is a skateboard.


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