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Wacky insults for kids (and not so kids !)

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Insults for school

You're so dumb when the teacher told you to brush up on spelling you went out and brought a toothbrush.

Your armpits smell so bad your teacher gave you an A for not raising your hand.

Your brother has been in the same grade for so long that people think he's the teacher.

Your butt's so big, when you go to class you sit next to everyone.

Your dandruff is so bad the principal had to declare a snow day.

You're so dumb you flunked recess.

Your armpits are so hairy, when you raise your hand the class can't see the chalkboard.

You're so thin the librarian asked you to volunteer as a bookmark.

You're so dumb you're in a class by yourself.

You're so dumb, when your teacher said he wanted you to get ahead, he really meant "a head".


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