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Wacky insults for kids (and not so kids !)

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Insults for stupid kids

Your so stupid it took you an hour to make minute rice.

Your so stupid you think you're a great artist because people give you the brush off.

Your so stupid you think a quarterback is a refund.

Your so dumb you fall over the cord on a cordless phone.

Your brother is so dumb he thought Jungle Gym was Tarzan's brother.

Your father's so dumb he had to go to college just to work his way up to stupid.

Your brother is so dumb he dreamed about a muffler and woke up exhausted.

Your sister is so dumb he thought Christmas Eve was Santa Claus' wife.

Your mother is so dumb the mind reader gave her 50% off.

Your brother is so dumb when I said it was chilly outside he went and got a bowl.

Your father's so dumb he's training to be a crash test dummy.

Your brother is so dumb he went to the drive in movie to see "Closed for the Season".


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