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You're how fat?

Is that your face ?

Your face looks like you've been using it as a doorstop

Your face would not only stop a door, but also most clocks and a herd of charging buffalo

If your face had "Welcome" written on it, it would make a perfect doormat

If you put your face by a door, no one would ever come in

Your face is such a mess, you must stop using it to hammer in nails

Your face doesn't look like a doorstep, it looks like the door just kept going

Your face is such a mess, you should stop reading before slamming the book shut

Your face is such a mess, why don't you get your dog something different to chew on ?

Your face is such a mess, when you practice diving why don't you make sure the pool has water in next time.

Your face is very becoming. I's becoming more and more ugly every time I see it.


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