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Insults about Noses and Ears

Your nostrils are so hairy they're a car wash for your toy cars.

Your ears get so waxy your mother sticks wicks in them and uses your head for a candle.

Your ears are so big you make Dumbo jealous.

Your nose hairs are so long you have a built in toothbrush.

Your nose is so big your family use it as a ski run in winter.

Your nose is so ugly the only thing worse is what's inside.

Your nose hairs are so thick your sinuses need a torch.

Your ears are so big a basset hound asked you out on a date.

Your ears are so big that your parents use you as a satellite dish.

Your nostrils are so hairy most people think you just have a moustache.

Your nose is so big the only date you can get is with an anteater.


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