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What's an IQ ?
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You're how fat?

What's an IQ ?

Is 13 your age or your IQ ?

Look who is talking, you can't even spell IQ

The only way you could get a 10 IQ is to take the test twice and add the scores together.

They didn't even give you an IQ, they knew you had no place to put it.

If you had an IQ of 12 you'd have to grow two more fingers to be able to count it

I know potted plants that have a higher IQ than you.

Trust you to mention IQ, everyone knows that it's the longest word you can spell.

Perhaps when you grow up you'll have an IQ of 12, if you've learned to count that far by then

The only IQ test you've ever taken was one going through a maze to find a piece of cheese hidden at the end.

I don't know what you exact IQ is, except it starts with a decimal point.


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