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Political Insults & Putdowns

Quotes and Insulting Quotations from Adlai Stevenson

I suspose flattery hurts no one, that is, if he doesn't inhale

In America any boy may become President, and I suppose that's just one of the risks he takes

The sound of tireless voices is the price we pay to hear the music of our own opinions

A politician is a person who approaches every subject with an open mouth

If they will stop telling lies about the Democrats, we will stop telling the truth about them
Adlai Stevenson on the Republican party

The General has dedicated himself so many times, he must feel like the cornerstone of a public building
On Dwight Eisenhower

A cold, arrogant and ruthless man who has been exhausting himself running around the world because he really trusts no one.
On John Dulles

We hear the Secretary of State boasting of his brinkmanship, the art of bringing us to the edge of the abyss
On John Dulles

The kind of politician who would cut down a redwood tree and then mount the stump to make a speech for conservation
On Richard Nixon

Nixon seems to equate criticism with subversion and being hard on Republicans to being soft on communism
On Richard Nixon


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