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How do I swear in Arabic ?

Koos                    - cunt.
nikomak                 - fuck your mother
sharmoota               - bitch
zarba                   - shit
kis                     - vagina
zib                     - penis
Elif air ab tizak!      - a thousand "dicks" in your ass!
kisich                  - pussy
Elif air ab dinich    - A thousand dicks in your religion
Mos zibby!              - Suck my dick!
Waj ab zibik!           - An infection to your dick!
kelbeh                  - bitch
Muti                    - jackass
Kanith                  - Fucker  

Kwanii                  - Faggot
Bouse Tizi              - Kiss my ass
Khawal                  - Gay
Sharmoota Haygana       - Horny Bitch
Maaras                  - Pimp
Ebn el Metanaka         - Son of a bitch
Mara                    - bitch (egypt only)
Aha                     - shit
Khara                   - shit
gaeheba                 - Bitch

Khara beek              - shit in you (Male)

Khara Beech             - Shit in you (Female)

Gawwaad                 - pimp

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