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How do I swear in Armenian ?

Aboosh                  - Stupid
Dmbo, Khmbo             - Idiot
Myruht kooneh           - Fuck your mother
Peranuht shoonuhe cockne- The dog should shit on you
Esh                     - Donkey
Buhlo (BUL-lo)          - Dick
Kak oudelic shoon       - Shit eating dog
Joodge / joodgik        - penis
Vorig / vor             - ass
Eem joodjes bacheek doer- Kiss my penis
Eem vorigas bacheek doer- Kiss my ass
Toon vor es             - You are an ass
Toon esh es             - You are a jackass
Metz Dzi-dzik           - Big Breasts
Metz Joodgik            - Big penis

Eem bliges dze-dze      - Suck my dick

Eshoo kak               - Donkey shit

Guleer Kelooh            Dick Head

Cocknem Peranut          I will shit in your mouth

Vor Devogh              - Faggot (Literal- Ass Giver)

Eshu Koorak             - Son of Donkey

Maiyret Koonem          - I will Fuck your mother(popular)

Koonvadz                - Fucked up

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