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How do I swear in Chinese ?

Cantonese (phonetic)
Poq Gai                 - "Go Die in the street", 
                          general purpose swearword

D'iu ne lo mo           - Fuck your mom

sAY Baht Poh            - bitch
tiu nia ma chow hai     - fuck your mom's smelly cunt
sek si                  - eat shit
hum kah chan            - death to your family!
lok chat                - dick
hamsap                  - horny person
chow fah hai            - smelly cheap cunt
gai                     - whore
lun-yeung, lun tao      - dick face and dick head

hai-paw                 - Cunty woman

jhew lun dou            - Pig cock scrotum 

ow lun dun jhew hai     - ox cock boiled in a pig's cunt

lay da yuen fay gay mm sai sou 
                        - You jack off and never wash 

Fei hai                 - Fat cunt

Mandarin (phonetic)
gun ni ma /
chao ni niang           - fuck your mom
chao ni niang de zhu 
   zong shi ba dai      - fuck your mom's ancestors
                               grandmas great grandmas
daH bien                - shit
Liu mang                - standard swear for bastard
Ni ma la bi             - Your mother contracts turtles.
Hokkien (Phonectic)
Cheeby                  - Pussy
Lan Jiao                - Dick
Kiu Mo                  - Pubic Hair
Ni Na Bu                - Your Fucking Mother
Chao                    - Cheeby Smelly Pussy
Lan Hoot                - Balls
Neh                     - Breast
Ka Ni Na Beh Chao Cheeby  
                        - Fuck Your Bloody Mother's  pussy
Ka Ni Na                - Fuck Your mother
Ka Ni Lao Beh           - Fuck Your Father
peh bu ki ho lang kan   - parents go fuck by someone
peh bu ki ho gao kan    - parents go fuck by dogs
and the chao cheebye    - smelly cunt
keh                     - whore
Sai ne niang            - Shit on your mother

Gan ni zhu gong di yi meah 
                        - Fuck your fore-father number one

baw lan jiao            - no cock
Hakka (Phonectic)
diao nia meh            - fuck your mom
chew hai                - smelly cunt
bot nia meh see 
   tai lang             - fuck your mom's smelly cunt
chap jong               - bastard
guy                     - whore
nia meh boon kiu diao   - let the dog fuck your mom
FuTsoHua (Phonectic)
SA N NE                - Fuck your mother.
kho Sih SI!            - Eat shit.
kho SEE!                - Go to hell.
SA N NE, N NE wi SA  - Fuck your mother, 
                          Your mother I will fuck.
Yu WA KM               - Let's fuck

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