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How do I swear in Croatian ?

yebem ti mrtwu mater     -  fuck your dead mother

yebo ti pas mater - a dog fucks your mother

nossi se oo pichku materinu - go to your mother's cunt

yebo ti kogn krwavim kurtzem sestru na maychinom grobu
- a horse with the bloody dick fucks your sister on the mothers grave

pushi kuratz - suck a dick

napushi se kurtza - suck a dick a lot

smrdljiva kurvetino! - you stinky bitch!

u tri pichke materine - God damn it!

sragne - shit

gloop si ko tursky kooratz - you are as stupid as a Turkish dick

pichka - cunt

kuratz - dick, cock

kurwa - whore

peder - faggot

lezbacha - lesbian

shoopchino! - you asshole!

gloopan - idiot

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