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How do I swear in French - Quebec ?

Christ de plote sale!  - Fuckin' dirty cunt!

Maudit fif - Dumb Faggot
Suceux de balus! - Cock sucker
Manjeux de graines - said to a faggot that eats pricks
Va fourrer ta mère - Motherfucker
Grosse christ de vache - Fat fucking cow
Va chier - Go shit
Mange de la marde - Eat Shit
p'tit christ - Little bastard
Christ de chien sal - Fuckin' dirty bastard
va te crosser - Jerk off (go fuck yourself)
p'tite queue - Small dick (bad for male!)
Fifi (tapette, homo, moumoune) - Faggot
Mangeux de marde - (someone that he eats shit)
Grosse Bertha - Fat Woman
Ti-cul Gros bucket - Small ass big belly
Noune (plotte) - Cunt
ni cul ni tête - Brainless (unconscient person)
pisseux, chieux, t'es pas game - Chicken
vieux christ (vieux tabarnak) - Old Nasty (masculin)
vieille christ (vieille tabarnak) - Old Nasty (feminin)
va te faire défoncer - Go get assfucked
Fou - Crazy
Stupide - Stupid
Tata - Dumb
Mongole - Brainless (mental handicap)
t'es malade mental! - You're sick in the head
Maudite cruche - Jar head (said to women)
tu sens le tabarnak! - You puke (you smell shit...)
Fourre toé l'doigt dans l'cul
- Stick your finger up your ass Thanks to Funny Surfin!

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