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How do I swear in Greek ?

vlaca                   - stupid (noun), moron

Pisoglentis             - one who has fun with his ass

xekoliara               - girl with torn asshole

mbixtis                 - one who always fucks

kariolis                - motherfucker

psoli                   - dick

poutsokefalo            - dick head

tsimbouki               -  blow job

mounopano               - cunt sheet

gamiola                 - girl who fucks with everybody

gamo to mouni pou se petage 
                        - I fuck the pussy you came from

poutsoskambilo          - hitting a face with your dick

hino                    - I'm cummin'

poutsaras               - one with a big dick

paxomouna               - girl with bruised pussy-lips

mounoxilo               - pussy lip

pisokolito              - back door sex

tha se xiso sti mouri   - I will cum on your face

davantzis               - pimp
Malacca                 - masturbator
malaka wanker gamisou   - fuck off
Ay gamisou              - go fuck off
to mounee tis manas sou - fuck your mother's pussy
mounee                  - pussy
poutsos                 - dick
poustis                 - faggot
Fila mou to kolo        - kiss my ass

As to thialo            - Go to hell

Skila                   - Bitch
Boostie Mav-ro malaka 
    skit-tah            - nigger dick sucking faggot.
Kane mou pipa           - Blow me / Suck my dick

Salta gamisou           - Go fuck yourself

Mouni                   - Cunt

Kolos                   - Ass

Tha sou skiso to mouni  - I will rip your cunt apart
vromokola               - dirty ass
glikotsutsunos          - a guy with sweet dick
kolobaras               - assfucker
se gamo kai hino, 
   les na pahino?       - popular insult
paliarhido              - old balls
Segrafa sta archidia-mu - Bullshit

Gamiseme tora           - Fuck me now

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