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How do I swear in Hebrew ?

Zona                    - whore
Zayin                   - cock
Harah                   - shit.
Mishugena               - freak

Hutzpa                  - balls (lot of nerve)
Beitsim                 - Balls
ben zonah               - son of a bitch
leh zaient ima shha     - go fuck your mom
zayin                   - penis
tahat                   - ass
mitromem mizdayen 
    batahat             - gay assfucker
zayin al hakuss 
   hamasrihah shel 
   haima hamehoeret 
   shelha               - fuck your ugly mom's smelly cunt
lech lehizdayen         - fuck off
lech zayen para         - go fuck a cow
lakek et hatahat sheli  - lick my ass
lakeki li a hadagdegan, 
   zonah                - lick my clit you whore
benzona                 - son of a bitch
leh lehizdayen          - fuck you

lehi lehizdayen         - fuck you (to a girl)
sharmute, sharlila      - someone easy
manyak                  - just a cures
cus ima shha            - your mother's vagina
Ya Sharlila mizdayenet  -   you fucking slut

tamut ya holera - die scum
timtzotz leahotha - go blow your sister
tahnis li latahat - stick it up my ass
Tistom tapeh yanaal - shut up you idiot
lech tidhof vibrator - go stick a vibrator
teonen al tmuna shel kalba - go masterbate on a dogs picture
nod - fart
kof zien otha cshehaiita katan - monkey fucked you when you were child
achotch be geves - your sister in gypsum
alvey tamot be pigoa - i wish you to die in terorist act noshech kariot - Pillow biter ya cus sair - You hairy cunt Sharlila - Whore

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