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How do I swear in Hindi ?

chutia                  - pussy
gaandu                  - asshole
mah-der chod            - mother fucker
tatti                   - shit
Bhen Chhod bhayn-chod   - Sister Fucker
Madar Chhod 
  maa-duhr chod         - Mother fucker
Bhai Chhod bha-yee chod - Brother Fucker
Chutiya choo-tia        - Fucker
Gaand gaa-nd            - Ass
Lund luh-nd             - Cock
Chut choot              - Pussy
Mammey mumm-aye         - Breasts

Jhaant ke bal           - Pubic hair

Jhaant ke juye          - Pubic hair lice

Chut ke pakode          - deep fried pussy

Tatte                   - balls

Tatta fry               - deep fried Balls

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