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How do I swear in Italian ?

puttana                  - whore
fungula / scopa          - fuck
merda                    - shit
Vaffanculo               - go fuck yourself
No Skuche ala Gats!      - what the fuck do you 
                          want from my balls?
pezzo di merda           - piece of shit
figlio di puttana        - son of a whore
Cazzo vai via stronzo    - Shit, get out of here jerk

bocchino                 - blow job

che cazzo                - you dick

scopa tua mamma          - fuck your mother

fotti tua madre          - fuck your mother

li mortacci tua          - to your dead relative

vai a morire ammazzato   - go and die murdered

no me interesso un cazzo - i don't give a damn

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