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How do I swear in Morrocan ?

takool zep              -  Eat the dick (eat my dick)

takool zep ala hamada   -  Eat the dick of a donkey

zit howa                -  Get Fucked

mook kebba              -  Your mother is a whore

zemin book              -  Your father is queer (gay?)

tinny zep               -  Kiss my dick

mo                      -  Derogatory for a Moroccan

malik kahell            -  Your king is a Black (insult)

malik maloof            -  Your king is a pig

...woodla halum.        -  Allah wills it. 

Added to each of the above, indicating divine providence
wills it on you. For example: zit howa, woodla halum
Get fucked, Allah wills it.

Thanks to fcbw !

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