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How do I swear in Persian ?

Kosefil                 - Elephant's Cunt
kosskesh                - pimp
coony                   - Faggot
kesafat                 - you dirty piece of shit

beshoor                 - no brained

madar kharbeh           - mother fucker

an                      - diarhhea

kos-khol                - sex crazy

amale                   - dirty piece of shit labor worker

khar                    - idiot

an damagh               - booger

khange khodah           - screw-up of god

antareh gav             - "annoying cow"

bee-sharaf              - [bad insult]
Gendeh                  - Bitch or whore
Pedar Sag               - Your father is a dog
Khar Coste              - Your sister is a bitch
Mardar Sag              - Your mother is a dog.

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