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How do I swear in Serbian ?

The following Serbian insults were made by:
Vlada aKa Smele

Jebem ti mater u picku! - I fuck your mother in her pussy!

Bog te jebo!            - May God fuck you!

Jebo ti pas mater!      - May a dog fuck your mother!

Crko dabogda stoko seljacka!
                        - May you drop dead,you redneck ox

Popusis mi kurac krasni! 
                        - Suck my lovely dick!
Peecko smrdlyeeva       - You smelly pussy.

Govno yedno             - You piece of shit.

Peechka                 - pussy.

Sranje!                 - ohhh, shit!

Some!                   - you stupid ass.

Yebachu te!             - I'll fuck you. 
Jebem ti sunce          - I fuck your sunshine.
Jebo te Sveti Ilija.    - The saint Ilija fucks you.
Jebo te Papa.           - The Pope fucks you.
Govedo!                 - Jerk.
Sisadzijo.              - Cock sucker.
Jebem te usta.          - I am fuckung you in the mouth.
Jebem te u oko.         - I am fucking you in the eye.
Ako te pojebem u guzicu majki æeš na grobu govoriti kako ti je lepo bilo
If I fuck you in your ass , you will be telling your mom on her grave how much you liked it.

Jebo ti konj trudnu sestru na majcinom grobu dok ti otac retardiran gleda iz invalidskihkolica.
A horse fucks your pregnant sister on your moms grave as your retarded dad is watching from he’s wheelchair.

Jebo te slon krvavim kurcem
An elephant fucks you with a bloody dick.

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