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How do I swear in Spanish ?

Marica, maricón, mariconazo - Gay, big gay, faggot
mariquita - Little gay
chapero - gay bitch
Bastardo - Bastard
Cabron - Fucking Bastard
Polla, nabo, rabo, verga, cipote - Dick
Gilipollas, tontopollas - dickhead, asshole
Pichacorta - little dick
cojones, pelotas, huevos - balls, eggs
Cojonazos - Bigballs
Coño, chocho, raja - cunt
Chichi - Pussy
pelos de los huevos/coño - Pubic hair
Mierda - Shit
cagar, jiñar - to shit
Chupame la polla - Suck my dick
Chupamela - Suck it
chupar - tu suck
puta - whore, bitch
zorra, guarra - fox, dirty girl
hijo de puta - son of a bitch, motherfucker
follar, joder, chingar - to fuck
Me cago en ti - I shit over you
Chorra, Pinnus - Stupid
que te jodan - fuck you
que te den por culo - fuck off you
Cabron - fucking bastard
Payaso - Clown
Desgraciado - Unlucky (means "son of a bitch")
calientapollas - cockteaser

me cago en la hostia - Fucking Damn it! (literaly: I shit in the communion wafers)
me cago en la leche! - I shit in the milk! (means something like "shit, i've have bad luck")
besame el culo - kiss my ass
hijo de mil putas - son of thousand bitches
metete un palo por el culo - shove a stick up your ass
hueles a mierda - you smell like shit
Jode a tu madre - Fuck your mom

South American Spanish:

Mariposa - Gay (mex.)
joto - faggot (mex.)
Pinga - Dick
Chilito - little dick
panocha - pussy
chimba - pussy (Colombian)
chichis - breasts
Chinga tu madre - Fuck your mom
pendejo/pendeja - (m/f) asshole, dickhead, etc.
chingar - to fuck
pinche - kitchboy
Cago en tu leche - I shit in your milk.
hazte cojer - go and get fucked
Pinche Cabron - fucking son of a bitch (not literal)

concha - bitch (Argentina)
coger - to fuck (Argentina)
La chichi - the girl (Argentina)
La pija/verga - the dick (Argentina)
El orto/ojete - the ass (Argentina)
chupame la pija - suck my dick (Lit: Suck me the dick) (Argentina)
Las tetas - the boobs (Argentina)
El/La Pendejo/a - To call a teenager in a bad way. (Argentina)
La reputisima madre que te remil pario - The more bitch (superlativ) that had you born a thousend times. (Argentina)
Puto/a del orto - That you are a gay/bitch that fuck through your ass.

Thanks to Anibal & Pablo!!

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