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How do I swear in Tagalog / Phillipines ?

Tae                     - Shit

Putang ina mo           - Your mom is a bitch
maliit ang titi mo      - you got a small dick
magkantutan tayo        - let's fuck
naninigas ang titi ko   - I got a hard on
didilain ko ang tingil mo - I'll lick your clit
sipsipin mo ang titi ko - suck my dick
lunukin mo ang tamod ko - swallow my cum
malaki ang susu mo      - you got big tits
anak ka nang puta       - son of a bitch
puke ng ina mo          - your mom's pussy
tukmol                  - ugly
Wala kang titi          - you are dickless
Wala kang puwet         - you are buttless
Mabaho ang kiki mo!     - Stinky pussy

gago                    - stupid

tanga                   - dumbass

inutil                  - worthless moron

chupa                   - blowjob

brocha                  - act of eating pussy

Tarantado               - deranged

Putang ina mo           - fuck you (lit)

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