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Insulting, rude & funny expressions

We've hundreds of expressions to drop into conversation about a whole range of subjects, click on the links below !

Angry Awkward Bald Beer
Body Boobs Bored Bums
Cards Chat Ups Class Cold
Confused Conspicuous Cool Dirty Mind
Dress Sense Drunk Ears Embarrassed
Engaged Entertainment Eyes Faces
Fat Feet Food Football
Forgetful Fun Gay Golf
Hairy Hangover Happiness Health
Horny Hot Hungry Innocence
Interesting Legs Lips Make it Happen
Mean Mouth Muscles Necks
Nerves Noise Noses Obnoxious
Old Penis Period Prude
Quiet Rare Secretions Sex
Short Sick Slow Sluts
Smell Smile Speed Stupid
Subtle Sweating Teeth Thin
Tongues Two Faced Ugly Unfit
Unlucky Up & Down Useful Voice
Welcome Wimps Worthless -

Know any we've missed ?,
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