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In the days when women students were still a novelty there were many university teachers who resented the intrusion of women into their monastic lives. However, few of them maintained their resistance for as long as one notorious fellow of an Oxford college. Long after women had become an accepted part of university life, he stolidly refused to admit them to his lectures, and when obliged by the authorities to teach them he resorted to other means of keeping them away. Noticing a large group of women at the first of one of his courses of lectures he announced that he was going to begin with a detailed analysis of the sexual prowess of the natives of several Pacific islands.

The ladies rose to leave, but as they were going out the lecturer shouted after them:

'It's all right ladies. You needn't be in a hurry. The next boat doesn't leave for a month.'

She's the sort of girl who sows wild oats in the vain hope that the crops will fail.

Tm not denying that women are foolish. God Almighty made them to match men.' — George Eliot

He claims he never made a mistake — but his wife certainly did.

'Most women are not so young as they are painted.' — Max Beerbohm

They're such a strong-willed couple. He has the courage of her convictions.

A young female cellist attended an audition held by Sir Thomas Beecham. He listened patiently as she struggled through the first movement of a concerto which was far too difficult for her.

'What shall I do next?' she asked when she finally finished the piece.

'Get married,' said Beecham.

Every time we have a row words flail me.

'A mother takes twenty years to make a man of her boy and another woman makes a fool of him in twenty minutes. ' — Robert Frost

His old flames have all found out that he's just a passing fiance.

'Woman was God's second mistake.' — Friedrich Nietzsche

He only wants one thing in life—himself.

Edward FitzGerald. the translator of the popular oriental poems, the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam, held a very low opinion of many of his contemporary female poets, among them Elizabeth Barrett Browning. After her death he wrote:

'Mrs. Browning's death was rather a relief to me, I must say; no more Aurora Leighs, thank God.'

It's wonderful how they stay together. She sticks to him through thick and gin.

Oscar Wilde had many caustic things to say of some of his feminine contemporaries. He described one leading actress as:

'Dear. . . She is one of nature's gentlemen.'

And another lady was dismissed with the bitter remark:

'Half the success of Marie Corelli is due to the no doubt unfounded rumour that she is a woman.'

He may have married her for her looks but not the ones she always gives him now.

Dr. Johnson developed the reputation of being a woman-hater through his blunt refusal to tolerate fools. When one tediously talkative woman accosted him saying:

'Why, doctor, I believe you prefer the company of men to that of we ladies,' Johnson answered her:

'Madam you are mistaken. I am very fond of the company of ladies. I like their beauty, I like their vivacity, and I like their silence.'

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