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Coco Chanel commented on Yves Saint Laurent:

'Saint Laurent has excellent taste. The more he copies me, the better taste he displays.'

The way that woman dresses always reminds me of a bad photograph overdeveloped and overexposed.

Edna Ferber, one of the brightest lights in the New York 'Bloomsbury Group' of the twenties and thirties had a penchant for wearing elegantly tailored suits, trousers and all. Noel Coward met her one day in New York when he was wearing a suit very similar to the one Miss Ferber was sporting.

'Edna, you look almost like a man,' he told her. 'So do you,' she answered.

Her friends say that she's in her salad days. Others say that she's not very concerned about the dressing.

There's a story told of Oscar Wilde standing in a shop in London while the assistant was in another room finding his order, when an irrate customer burst in to the shop and started to harangue Wilde on the state of his hat.

'Now look here,' he said, 'I was assured that this hat was my size, but it's clear to any fool that it doesn't fit.'

'Well,' said Wilde eyeing the man critically, 'Neither does your coat. And what's more, if you'll pardon me for saying so. I can't say that I care much for the colour of your trousers either.'

Darling, if that's a mink you're wearing then there are a lot of rabbits living under assumed names.

Beau Brummell was once told that he had a rival in the sartorial limelight of Regency society. The other man was so well-dressed, he was told, that he turned heads wherever he went.

'In that case,' commented Brummell, 'he is not well-dressed.'

That's a very smart suit you're wearing. I haven't seen you in that before, have I? I wonder if the style will ever come back?

'Her Drear' was the name given to Princess Margaret's wardrobe by fashion writer, James Brady, in the early seventies. It was awarded as a 'tribute to her courage and resource in appearing in such monstrous clothes at public event after public event.'

The mini-skirt:

'Never in the history of fashion has so little material been raised so high to reveal so much that needs to be covered so badly.' Cecil Beaton

The Duke of Argyll was in his box at a London theatre one evening when one of his guests, a military officer, clattered into his seat, wearing full-length boots and spurs, ten minutes after the curtain had risen. Instead of ignoring the man's late arrival, the Duke stood up and expressed his very great thanks to the wretched man, who asked him what he had done to deserve them.

'For not bringing your horse in with you,' the Duke told him.

With the sort of clothes she wears I couldn't even hide my embarrassment.


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