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Historical Insults

Throughout history men and women have delighted in the battle of verbal warfare. Often today, in an inarticulate society and politically correct society, people either hide behind profanity or only think rather than say...

This has not always been so. Insults once were more of an art form than a form of invective, people had strong opinions and were not afraid to let the world know them in an forthright though eloquent manner.

We've collected hundreds of these historical insults together and divided them up into the categories below... enjoy!

Artistic Insults
Curses and Insults
Geographical Insults
Historian Insults
Introspective Insults
Marriage Insults
Musical Insults
Philosophers Insults
Political Insults
Relationship Insults
Royal Insults
Theatrical, Stage and Play Insults
Writers, Authors and Journalists Insults

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