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Acne Feint Praise Optimists
Actors Ferries Orchestra
After Dinner Speakers Film Stars Pain in the Neck
Age Florists Parties
Amateur Actors Frauds Performers
Antique Shops Glamour Girls Pessimists
Artists Golfers Philanthropist
Athiests Good Time Girls Planes
Audiences Grocers Public House
Autograph Hunters Grousers Public Figures
Bachelors Hairdressers Restaurant
Barbers Heroes Rivals
Birthdays Hosts Senility
Bohemians Hotels Shirkers
Bores Housewives Shoe Shops
Butchers Incompetence Show Offs
Ceromonies Informally Dressed Sickly
Clothes Intellectually Singers
Committees Interviews Spouses
Connoisseurs Irony Tailors
Creeps Jehovah's Witnesses Taxis
Dates Know Alls Telephone
Don Juans Layabouts Tourist Sites
Doormen Letters Trains
Drivers Liars Uniforms
Drunks Liners Vegetarians
Dunces Losers Vicars
Enthusiasts Loudmouths Vital Statistics
Experts Milkmen Wallflowers
Faces Misers Wets
Fans Nosey People Would be Writers
Fashion Departments Office  

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