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How do I swear in Russian ?

Sooka                   - Bitch/traitor/whore
Yob                     - Fuck
Yob tvoiu mat'          - Fuck your mother
poshol na khui          - Fuck off
poshol v zhopu          - Fuck off
tebya ne ebut, 
   ti ne podmakhivai    - mind your own fucking business 
K Chortoo               - go to hell
kooshite govno ee oomeeite 
                        - eat shit and die
ya eemay-you o-chen 
    balshoy jol-ty hoy  - I have a big yellow dick
tva-ya mama sa-syot 
kor-rovie khuy-ee       - You mother sucks cow dicks.
za-ebees                - stop bitching
yob tvoyu mat           - fuck your mother
govno                   - shit
bliad                   - Oh shit or whore
Khui                    - cock
pizda                   - cunt
manda                   - cunt
zhopa                   - an asshole or an ass
sraka                   - an ass
mudak                   - an asshole
govniuk                 - shithead
Khuyesos'               - cocksucker

zaebal                  - you have bored me a lot

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