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Insults and Insulting Quotes about Germany

Around the World
United States

Two world wars and one world cup, doodah, doodah
Football chant to tune of Yankee Doodle

The German may be a good fellow, but it is best to hang him just the same
Russian saying

One thing I will say about the Germans, they are always perfectly willing to give somebody's land to somebody else
Will Rogers

Marry a German and you'll see that the woman have hairy tongues
Rumanian saying

The great virtues of the German people have created more evils than idleness ever did vices
Paul Valery

Peace with Germany is like a wolf and sheep living together
Polish saying

One German a beer, two Germans an organisation, three Germans a war
Polish saying

God invented man, the devil invented the German
Polish saying

Life is too short to learn German
Richard Porson

I speak Spanish to God, Italian to women, French to men, and German to my horse.
Emperor Charles V

The East German manages to combine a Teutonic capacity for bureauracy with a Russian capacity for infinite delay
Goronwy Rees

The Irish, the Irish, They don't amount to much, But they're all a darn sight better Than the dirty, dirty Deutsch.
American folk jingle

There are three kinds of Deutsch; the Deutsch, the damned Deutsch, and the hog Deutsch.
American saying

I speak Spanish to God, Italian to women, French to men, and German to my horse.
Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor (attrib.)

Rather Turkish hatred than German love.
Croatian saying

Where there is a German, there is deceit, and where there is a Gypsy there is theft.
Czech saying

When a snake warms himself on ice, a German will begin to wish a Czech well.
Czech saying

Where the moth is in the cloth, the wolf among the goats, fish without water, the student among the girls, and the German in the council of the Czechs, things will never turn out well.
Czech saying

Rather die with Denmark than rot with Prussia.
Danish saying

The Germans in Greek Are sadly to seek; Not five in fivescore, But ninety-five more. All save only Hermann, And Hermann's a German.
English epigram

Send the pig to Saxonland, wash it with soap; the hog returns and remains a hog.
Estonian saying

German goods are fragile and German words deceptive. Finnish saying God guard us against the health of the Germans [drinking] and the malady of the French [pox].
French saying

The Germans gorge and swill themselves to poverty, and hell.
German saying

With the Germans friendship make, But as neighbours do not take.
German saying

A German doesn't need to jump into the water; he can swill to death in a glass of beer or wine.
German saying

When the Russian steals, he does it that he might have enough for himself for a single day, but when the German steals he takes enough for his children and the morrow.
German saying

The German lies as soon as he becomes polite.
German saying

The German proposes and the police disposes.
German saying

Speak to him, if you only know German.
Hungarian saying

Hungarians, trust the Germans not; Be their promise ever so hot, And though they give you a seal On it as large as a wheel There is absolutely nothing to it. May Jesus Christ smite them dead!
Hungarian saying

I make as much of it as a German of fresh water.
Italian saying

A German Italianate is the devil incarnate.
Italian saying

Wherever Germans are, it is unhealthy for Italians.
Italian saying

Three things are in a poor plight: birds in the hands of children, young girls in the hands of old men, and wine in the hands of Germans.
Italian saying

If the truth in wine is hid, as the Sayings tell you, Then the German has discovered truth, or will surely find it.
Latin epigram

He's like a German. He can't understand a reasonable man.
Lithuanian saying

German is a language which was developed solely to afford the speaker the opportunity to spit at strangers under the guise of polite conversation.
National Lampoon

How much disgruntled heaviness, lameness, dampness, how much beer is there in the German intelligence.
Friedrich Nietzsche, German political philosopher, Twilight of the Idols, 1889

Warsaw and Cracow Polish capitals fine, But the German in Berlin Live like swine.
Polish folk rhyme

The clever Germans are for all that a stupid lot; By the Pole in a poke, they have often been bought.
Polish folk rhyme

Just as the winter cannot turn to summer, So the German can't become a brother.
Polish saying

The Germans moans about his poverty; yet at home the coins jingle merrily.
Polish saying

The German is dumb; he buys everything.
Polish saying

Speak to the German, but with a stone in your pocket.
Polish saying

The German may be as big as a poplar tree, but he is stupid as a bean.
Polish saying

Even if he tempts no one else, the devil will persuade the German.
Polish saying

God invented man; the devil, the German.
Polish saying

At the German's, it's always after dinner.
Polish saying

Serve the German with all your heart; Your reward will be a fart.
Polish saying

The German in the council hall; the goat in the garden, the wolf in the stable, the liar at court, and a woman in office - this is all pretty bad business.
Polish saying

He is as grateful as a German.
Polish saying

The German is as sly as the plague.
Polish saying

When a German marries a Polish girl, it is as if the devil were to unite with an angel.
Polish saying

You will sooner catch a ray of the sun than reach an agreement with the German.
Polish saying

The German is wise up to noon. He becomes stupid thereafter soon.
Polish saying

A dead German, a dead dog; the difference is but slight.
Polish saying

If anyone is born a German, God has sufficiently punished him already.
Russian saying

The German may be a good fellow; but it's better to hang him just the same.
Russian saying

He would not be a German, if he were not greedy.
Ruthenian saying


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